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Sesión de aprendizaje

Ejemplo de sesión de la actividad 8. (La haré en castellano para facilitar la comprensión de todos los participantes)

Activity 8

1. Leer el título de la lectura y deducir cual será el tema del texto.

2. Leer en silencio.

3. Señalar los personajes principales y secundarios.

4. Subrayar la idea principal del texto.

5. Compartir con un compañero la interpretación del texto.

6. Al término de la actividad anterior, resolver los ejercicios.

7. Comparar resultados con un compañero.

8. En un plenario se hacen preguntas y respuestas relacionadas a la historia.

9. Se revisan los resultados con plena participación del aula.

Read carefully the following story.


How are you? How was your summer vacation? My family and I went on vacation to Mexico for one week. I had a wonderful time. Mexico is a very beautiful and interesting country. We went to many museums and to many historical places.

I must tell you about a very funny thing that I saw one day at a market in Mexico City. This market had little stands where different objects made out of wood, clay and silver were sold. As we were walking along the sidewalk, we noticed an American couple walking ahead of us. The woman was busy looking at the beautiful things on the shelves. She wasn’t looking where she was walking. All of a sudden, she tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. She slipped, dropped her sunglasses and pocketbook, knocked over two shelves of pottery, and fell into a big pot.

She wasn’t hurt. She climbed out of the pot, and to everyone’s surprise, she began to laugh. Her husband was very upset and began to yell at her. But the more he yelled, the more she laughed. In the meantime, the owner of the stand picked up each piece of pottery, looked at them carefully, and said angrily to the man, “ROTO”(it means broken in Spanish.) Then the owner said in English, “Your wife thinks this is funny, but wait until she sees the bill!” The poor tourists had to pay for all the broken pottery. As we walked away, the man was still yelling at his wife, but she kept laughing at the situation. I thought it was funny too.

When I see you, I will tell you more about our vacation and show you beautiful photos of Mexico.

When you finish reading twice, solve the set of exercises.

A) While you read, answer YES or NO for “EACH PERSON” (man, woman, stand owner).

1) Was the man walking ahead of Rachel? _____________

2) Did the man tripped on a crack? _____________

3) Did the woman began yelling? _____________

4) Was the woman very angry? _____________

5) Did the man and woman pay for the broken things? _____________

6) Did the man knocked over two shelves of pottery _____________

7) Was the stand owner yelling at the woman? _____________

8) Did the stand owner pick up the pottery? _____________

B) Circle the answer that best completes each sentence.

1) Rachel is writing to ______________________.

a) her mother b) her friend c) her brother d) none of them

2) Rachel had a ___________________time.

a) none of them b) wonderful c) bad d) fair

3) Rachel spent her vacation in ________________________.

a) Spain b) none of them c) Mexico d) Texas

4) The American tourists were walking around the_______________.

a) block b) market c) sidewalk d) none of them

5) The wife thought the situation was ______________.

a) careful b) serious c) none of them d) funny

C) Decide if the answer is True or False.

1 ) Rachel’s family visited historical places _______

2) The woman fell inside a pot. _______

3) Silver and clay pots were sold in the museum. _______

4) A lot of people were walking ahead Rachel _______

5) The woman became to laugh. _______

6) All the tourists in that place paid for the pottery. _______

D) Choose the words that better completes each idea.

sidewalk, clay, shelf, pottery, market

1) The woman was only paying attention at the things on the ________________.

2) She was walking on the _______________________ when suddenly she slipped.

3) The pots are made of _________________________.

4) There was a funny accident in a _________________________in Mexico City.

E) Answer the following question. Write good reasons.

Do you think the situation in the story is funny? Why or why not?


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